Blog – 5th Aug to 16th Aug


The tuning in part of the inquiry cycle was done by discussing the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, keeping surroundings clean, and  various ways by which this can be achieved. The activity was followed by a class discussion and later the students illustrated the same in their journals. They reflected on their daily routine and habits and made personal connections by talking about the healthy and unhealthy practices seen during a day. This was represented on a  T- chart.

Students were engaged in an interesting classroom activity where they did exercises like knee ups, toe touches, jumping jacks to name a few. They  observed how they felt after doing these exercises. They were then asked to note down their thoughts, feelings and understanding about the importance of daily exercise. The same was reiterated to them through a guest speaker session.

Learnings from this activity were integrated with the inquiry cycle with the help of a discussion on the importance of post-exercise rest. Students were asked to note down their experience using some keywords.

Students enthusiastically participated in a guest speaker session on Yoga and its multifaceted benefits.

They were also shown a collage of various recreational activities, through which they inquired about their impact on health.

Little learners were then shown a few audio visuals demonstrating the importance of sleep and understood why it is important to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


To reiterate the concept of numbers, students began their week with an activity wherein they were paired with a partne . They wrote a number and their partner’s number in the journal to make  a 2-digit number from it. Subsequently all numbers were arranged in order.

They attempted another task  where they wrote numbers 1-10 and quantified the corresponding hierarchies using blue and green colour. They further marked the number as odd or even.·  

Students were tuned into the concept of place value through bundling and grouping strategy.


Students started their week by reiterating CVC words with medial sounds like a, e, i, o, u and wrote them in their journals. Learning from the unit was integrated by watching an audio-visual story ‘Goodnight IPAD’ where they discussed the importance of sleeping without the presence of an electronic screen .

A reading assessment   rubric allowed to understand  reading  levels among students.A spell bee was attempted while a  bingo game on sight words was also played in their journals

UOI Integration- They watched an online video on healthy/ unhealthy habits and further wrote their understanding in the journals.

During a bus stop activity, students moved to different stations in the class that had blends written on them. They illustrated words beginning with those blends.


Students enthusiastically participated in reciting the poem ‘सभी फलों में सेब है न्यारा’. This was followed by identifying the names of vegetables and fruits, and by writing their initial letters in the journals. To enhance their communication skills, they did ‘show and tell’ activity in which they described their favourite fruits. They learned about alphabets and made two to three letter words using the knowledge acquired. 


Students are further exploring MS-Paint where they are learning how to add shapes, colours and the pencil tool to the work pane. Young learners are still learning to handle the mouse with their tiny hands while coordinating  their eyes on the screen imultaneously.

Students also gained knowledge on about social media(YouTube, Facebook, Skype etc). They enhanced their fine motor skills by working on an online tool on mouse program, where they gained knowledge on how to click with left and right button, scrolling of the mouse  up and down to see the content of the page.


Dance Lessons focused on the development of posture and flexibility. Solitary performance was also introduced.


Students learned how to use a ruler to take measurements and draw straight, standing and sleeping lines. Later they created free expressions and gave their reflections.


The students learned about note values. They also learned how to count and clap these notes.

Social Emotional Learning

The students gained knowledge about Self – Awareness as a part of their SEL sessions. They were introduced to emotions and feelings through various interactive and self-reflective sessions wherein, they were encouraged to explore their self. 


Students continued with their unit in athletics where they developed their basic skills with the help of equipment and callisthenic exercises.


Students learned balancing on their skates to grow in confidence.


 Independence Day was celebrated where a poster was put up showing the tricolour, number of states and union territories in India. Children also learned that India is the 7th largest country in the world and the second most populous.

The birthday of one of the most popular bestselling fiction authors of all times, ‘Enid Blyton’ was celebrated. She as per the  UNESCO, is the most translated children’s author in the world having sold more than 600 million copies.

The children were given a brief introduction about the author and the popular series written by her namely Noddy , Famous Five, The secret seven, Amelia Jane etc.


On 12th of August, 2019 grade of 1A presented an assembly on Independence Day. The assembly began with the significance of freedom for people as well as animals. This was followed by a quiz about National symbols of India. Students got aware of the countries also celebrate Independence Day on August 15, apart from India. Next a group song “Ma tujhe salaam” to the delight of everyone sitting in the audience.  


Blog- Grade 1-A – 24th July to 2nd Aug

Unit of inquiry

TD theme – Who we are

Central Idea – Leading a balanced lifestyle can help us stay healthy

Key Concept – Form



Lines of Inquiry – Ways we take care of ourselves.

                            – A balanced lifestyle

                            – Our responsibility in taking care of our body.

Students were welcomed into their new grades with an ice breaking activity wherein they were asked to talk to their classmates and find answers to the questions given to them, like who plays football , who wears spectacles etc.

They were engaged in a classroom discussion on 6 TD themes and the learner profiles. This was followed by showing related audio visuals.

Prior knowledge assessment – Students were given pictures that showed the 5 factors of health (rest, recreation, exercise, hygiene, food) which was followed by asking them to sort the pictures according to the groups using their thinking skills.

Provocation – Students were exposed to some hints about their unit of Inquiry  using the guiding question like ‘What do they think the unit will be about?’ etc. which was followed by writing the central idea on the board and displaying the images that pointed to balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Later, they wrote the central idea in their journals and underlined important words.

Students engaged in an activity where they were shown a few pictures kept inside a mystery bag. One by one they picked up a picture and identified the picture and  it’s use? They came up with varied yet interesting answers.

A gallery walk was conducted outside the classroom wherein they observed the display boards and discussed the message being put forth through those boards.


Students were welcomed to their class with an ice breaking activity named ‘Fizz buzz’ wherein they stood in a circle and counted numbers from 1 to 50 and at every odd number they said ‘Fizz buzz’ instead of the number.

They also attempted task sheets based on the activity ‘Scavenger Hunt’ and ‘Math about me’.

Students completed a looping back sheet to reiterate the concepts done in their previous grade.

They played a game where they were divided into pairs to compare numbers by rolling a dice and identify who had the bigger number.

To reinforce the concept of numbers, students played a number Bingo game from 1-20.

They also did an activity where they were given number cards from 1-30 and were asked to arrange them in the correct sequence. Later, they repeated this activity using manipulatives.


Students were welcomed back with quite a few fun activities. They were given sheets where they were asked to draw anything creative which appealed to them. This was followed by an activity where they were given 4-5 colour pencils each with a meaning assigned to each colour. They spoke some facts about the meaning given to each colour.

A general discussion followed where students spoke about their new classroom and discussed  essential agreements. They also attempted a task sheet about a ‘secret message from their teacher’.

Students did a fish bowl activity where they picked up a chit that had a letter written on it. They read aloud the letter and named a word with it. A few of them tried speaking a sentence using those words too.

They practiced writing upper and lower case letters, while also attempting a work sheet to reiterate the previous concepts.

During a class reading session, students were read a story ‘Sharing a shell’ which emphasized  the importance of sharing with friends to allow them to revisit essential agreements.


The students expressed themselves through an activity and also spoke about how they spent their summer vacation. They also practiced Vyanjan and maatraas, through an activity using flash cards. They watched a video on वर्णमाला (varnmaala), identified pictures and wrote two/three letter words. 


Students were welcomed into their ICT classes with a warm smile. Faculty members[KS1]  interacted with each other and talked about their summer holidays- vacations, summer activities and, of course, studies. Some of the students happily shared with the class the skills they had developed during the holidays, such as creative writing using computer  and so on.

The week began with a discussion on essential agreements .Each student had a unique perspective of the challenges that they have faced in the past years, and everyone provided possible solutions for them, to improve the classroom environment.

Students were introduced to Microsoft Paint which is a basic computer graphics program found on most personal computers using a Windows operating system. They were shown how to draw basic shapes using pencil feature.


Dance lessons focused on development of rhythm patterns  and body isolations .

Students learned basic choreography in jazz style on the song uptown funk.


Students discussed about the importance of using a ruler. They also learnedt how to draw straight lines by taking measurements with a ruler. Later they drew standing lines at a distance of 1 cm each using a ruler.


Students learned about rhythm and how to clap different patterns over a beat.


Students shared their previous knowledge about motor skills and engaged in general warm up exercises to develop their motor skills.


First graders  visited the library after the summer vacation with lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The opportunity to choose their books independently beckoned them.  They were given a library tour to make them aware where to find books of their interest. Grade 1 was also read out library Essential Agreements and why these agreements were important to follow. Students chose two books for borrowing and reading at will.

IB Mission Statement

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.